Medical Aesthetics Consulting

Medical Aesthetics Consulting

GSM Medspa offers medical aesthetic consulting to provide training on medical grade anti-aging products, skin rejuvenation, weight loss treatments and aesthetic equipment. Our consulting services fill the gaps that may exist in your business in terms of  function, productivity and sales. We concentrate on managing your core business.

We are here to help you succeed whether you are navigating new product lines, mastering new operating environments, managing the complexities of new technology, or if you are experiencing a disconnect with staff. GSM MedSpa Consultants know the Medical Aesthetic business and we pride ourselves in achieving results to turn your business around and to help you make it lucrative and productive. 

Pam Lazakis brings industry expertise as a Registered Nurse and a medical spa consultant which allows her to fully understand all that is needed to make your Aesthetic spa a profitable extension of your business. This may include training, staffing, marketing, purchasing of equipment, laser training and other consultation.

" I have years of experience in implementing all the necessary steps of a successful cosmetic medical business.  We will provide a systematic, comprehensive approach to helping staff members gain core competencies in areas that are critical for practice success."

~ Pam Lazakis RN

What are the benefits of hiring a Medical Aesthetics Consultant?

  • Learn how to run a more efficient and profitable practice
  • Enhance your sales and marketing abilities
  • Improve your consultation skills
  • Learn how to deal with patient expectations
  • Better understand treatment modalities
  • Refresh your knowledge of energy based devices and anatomy of the skin
  • Attain a higher standard of credibility with patients, colleagues and employers

GSM MedSpa can help you. No rescheduling necessary. Go on vacations with the peace of mind while we take care of everything for you.

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