Personal Clientele

Personal Clientele



Personal Clientele is where we cater to your needs, on your time, and in the comfort and safty of our clinic. GSM values your need for privacy and we understand that not everyone wants to share with the world and people in his or her community that they BOTOX. More and more people, men and women alike are using cosmetic injectables but that doesn't mean that it is viewed as socially acceptable. More people want to keep their beauty secrets private and not public knowledge. If this sounds like you give GSM a call for a free and confidential consultation. Mondays are reserved for you! Personal, private and by appointment only. The clinic is closed to the community but open to your private and confidantial appointment.

On the flip side there are many women who flock together to book "Botox" parties; we refer to these as our Botox, Biscotti and Brie Soiree. This is when a group of women or men whether it be family and or friends meet for some pampering. It's a wonderful way to get together for some good food, friends and laughs as well as allow each lady the opportunity to receive her treatment at a fantastic price in the safty and comfort of our clinic on "off" hours. Our clinic will be all yours for your event.


Let’s face it, men get BOTOX. They may not say they do or not even complain about wrinkles, but they do notice them in the mirror. Whether men are unhappy with an ever deepening furrow in their brow or laugh lines that are still there after the laughing has stopped, they would rather not have wrinkles.

Botulinum toxin injections are an outpatient procedure. There is no real recovery period from BOTOX cosmetic and men can go back to work the same day if they wish. The issue of stigma with men and injectable cosmetic treatments usually falls into one of two categories. In one case, the man does not perceive that there is any stigma, since many ex-athlete commentators, coaches, and other “tough guys” have admitted having botulinum toxin injections. In the other case, the stigma may still persist; however, he may realize that since treatment is so discreet, no one will know the difference either way.

At GSM we recognize the often “discreet” nature when it comes to men and any aesthetic needs they may have. Please call us to discuss our many treatment options available "just for him" and for a free no obligation consultation.