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Mobile Service

GSM MedSpa is a unique mobile service that brings a knowledgeable, experienced Registered Nurse and an experienced, caring and reliable Physician to you.

If you own a busy clinic and are having trouble managing your private practice patients with the sudden influx of patients calling to book appointments for Botox or Dermal Fillers we can help.  If you would like to start a facial injectable aesthetics practice in your office but already have too much on your plate with surgical consults and procedures we can help you make it happen. Perhaps you own a spa that has the perfect clientele for the facial aesthetics industry but are not sure of how you could capitalize on the opportunity.

Regardless what the scenario is, you could be making extra income for your establishment by adding GSM MedSpa to you services. You might have a conference out of town, a much needed vacation that you would love to book, a sudden emergency comes up that would take you away from your practice and are having nightmares rebooking or rescheduling patients on an already tight schedule.

GSM MedSpa can help you. No rescheduling necessary. Go on vacations with the peace of mind while we take care of everything for you.


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